Finally, for the first time in this blog’s short history, I get to review blintzes! YAY! My blog title is no longer redundant.

So all the ladies were getting together to have a lunch for Jess who was flying away to LA the next day, and she’d nominated Demetri’s Feast as her preferred lunching location. But when we arrived there they didn’t have enough room for our big-ish group (seriously, that space is teeny! Will have to go there for a two-person food date, I think, might be easier to nab a spot), so we ended up decamping across Swan Street to Torch.

Sorry if my food descriptions are a bit vague or if I forget a few ingredients, we were sitting slap bang up against the very open kitchen and I was feeling a little too self-conscious to whip out the blog book and start jotting things down.

To the blintzes! They were cheese cream filled with stewed berries, and I must admit when they were placed in front of me I thought to myself, “Hmm, they’re a little small.” They may have been small, but they packed a punch. Little crepey pockets liberally stuffed with cream cheese that was just so very smooth, and smeared with a concoction of berries that left a blue-purple stain on everything they touched. I was very happy to make my plate into a giant smear indicating previous berry occupation, they were gorgeous.

As for my other dining companions, Rola and Jess both had the grilled sourdough with avocado, marinated fetta and lemon. Rola added poached eggs and salmon; Jess added a poached egg and mushrooms (our waiter was very happy to let us add and subtract things from the dishes, I always like a kitchen that doesn’t make a fuss over such things). There was much “Mmmm”-ing and other satisfied food noises from both parties, and each subsequently declared their dishes to be quite fab.

Kim went with ‘Tim’s breakfast sandwich’ – bacon, tomato, poached eggs… and some other stuff! Probably something green. It looked great whatever else was in it, and was so big that Kim struggled a little to finish it all. Yet she endeavoured, and gave a thumbs up afterwards.

E had the chicken foccacia – chicken, avocado, basil pesto on lovely linseedy-looking bread (I immediately had severe bread envy from clapping eyes on it). This looked AMAZING! I was unfortunately negligent in remembering to ask E if she enjoyed it and why, but considering that it all disappeared speedily I figure it must have been at least good enough to fill a hole.

I really enjoyed visiting Torch. We sat for a good three hours just chatting and nibbling. It was pretty quiet, but there was a slow dribble of what seemed to be regulars throughout the day who seemed very happy and comfortable to sit and read newspapers or chat with the staff over their latte. And I want to go back to try the savoury side of the menu, perhaps accompanied by a bottle of the pear cider that I spotted in the drinks fridge just before leaving. Mmm.


178 Swan Street, Richmond

Ph: 9428 7378

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