Bebida Bar and Cafe

After our Birdman Eating brunch and an afternoon of treasure hunting along Smith Street, Phoebe had to leave us in order to go to work. Did that stop Emma and I from going on? Heck no! We required nibbles and wine to finish our day with. And we chose Bebida to provide us these life-giving morsels.

Bebida is a warm, friendly place, with a long, thin front bar and a courtyard out back. The dark red walls in the bar area create a comforting space, particularly if you’re looking for a refuge from inclement weather. It really is the perfect place to sit, sip a wine and have a lazy nosh.

Speaking of nosh, oh my goodness, let me introduce you to the new love of my life, Bebida’s green pea and sage dip. I LOVE IT WITH A BURNING PASSION, I AM GOING TO MARRY IT AND HAVE PEA DIP BABIES, WHICH I WILL THEN ALSO EAT. It comes out in a little pot on a plate surrounded by six big bits of pide. I at first eyed it suspiciously and was all “Hmm, that’s a lot of bread for such a wee pot of dip”, but oh holy Hannah, does this stuff contain a taste explosion or what! A little goes a very, VERY long way. I was in such raptures over it I think Emma thought I was having an episode.

We also had one of the desserts on the specials board, the berry cheesecake. Cheesecake is kind of just cheesecake to me (ordinarily I am a cake FIEND, but cheesecake, meh. Not to say I won’t eat it if it’s there, cake is cake), but this one was a nice generous piece and loaded with berries, and I don’t say no to berries, no sir. The crust was much tastier too than I usually find with cheesecake, though it was rather thick and we did end up leaving a bit of shell behind.

Another plus to the fabulous food is that the staff are also ridiculously friendly, and contribute to the overall feeling that Bebida is really focused on creating a place that feels like your lounge room, only better decorated, where everyone is there to relax with friends and have fun, and also there’s wine. Also, kudos to whoever decided to play the entirety of Augie March’s Sunset Studies for mood music during our visit, it prompted squeals of “This album CHANGED MY LIFE!” from myself and several others, and lent a happy air of nostalgia to proceedings.

Also, if you have to go to the little girls or boys room while at Bebida, enjoy the absolutely hilario record covers that are stuck on the back of the bathroom doors. They inspired me to have a “Bongos and Pizza” party at some point in the future.

Bebida Bar and Cafe

325 Smith Street, Fitzroy

Ph: 9419 5260

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