Top of the Noms 2010

Why hello there! It was all rather disgustingly quiet around here in December, wasn’t it? Well I didn’t want it that way but fate forced my hand into an extended internet break when a downloading snaffoo committed by a sibling resulted in the Blintz household having no internet access for the majority of last month. The wailing and misery that this caused cannot be measured by traditional means.

But at least it means I have an impressive backlog of content to churn out in January! And I figure we should start the year off with a little round up of the best things that I got to sample in the past year, and it gives you a sneak peak at some of the places I’ll be reviewing in the next couple weeks. Onwards!

Best Savoury Dish

Footscray’s The Station Hotel takes this out with their eggplant parma.

Best Dessert

The Station Hotel very nearly took this out as well for their astounding chocolate cake with rhubarb jam, but then I remembered the pear tarte tatin from Madame Sousou. Sweet, heavenly joy on a plate.

Best Breakfast

A tie between Monk Bodhi Dharma’s orgasmic French toast, and The Hardware Societe’s fried brioche with caramelised blood oranges. My blood sugar levels just rose spontaneously.

Best Designed Cafe That Makes You Feel Adorable Yourself Just By Being In It

The Bell Jar, closely followed by Brighton’s The Little Ox.

Best Japanese

Being me, this is totally the most important category! Mikoshi in St Kilda wins this one pretty much purely for these three words: SUSHI HOT DOGS! Hells yes Japan. Honourable mention to Wood Spoon Kitchen.

Best Place That I Wish Was My Local Because Then I Wouldn’t Have To Leave

Bebida Bar and Cafe.

Best All Together Experience

The Station Hotel. Just impeccable. And that review is next on the list, so you’ll be able to read just why it was so good very soon!

Food Resolution for 2011

Being that 2011 celebrates my ten year anniversary of turning vegetarian, I want to make a concerted effort to visit more places solely devoted to vegetarian/vegan cuisine. Ever more vegie goodness awaits us!

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