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For the first half of last year, I’d been curiously watching the evolution of the shopfront of 330 Cardigan Street, being that it lay between uni and where I parked my car during classes. Towards the end of its renovations, when it became obvious that an eatery was going to appear there, I thought to myself “Well, that’s nice and handy for me, I’ll have to go once it’s opened. Maybe us girls could do a uni lunch there.”

Of course, I didn’t end up there until long after uni had finished for the year! The regular uni lunching crew decided it’d be a good idea to meet for a celebratory “yay! uni’s over for the year” lunch, and were up for venue suggestions once it became apparent that some were a little fatigued with our regular choice of Seven Seeds. As Jess put it, “There’s only so many toasted sandwiches you can eat, no matter how good they are!”

Feeling confident after reading Where’s the Beef’s glowing review that What About Food would be sure to satisfy everyone, we all rolled up one Wednesday afternoon feeling excited and anticipatory. Turns out, my hunch was right! What About Food is absolutely stirling.

Emma and I had one of the blackboard specials, the portobello mushrooms poached in pomegranate and lemon vinegarette, with parmesan, spinach, a poached egg and a sprig of thyme, served on pide and a nice thick spear of asparagus laid on top. This was wonderfully put together, none of the ingredients were out of place, it all complimented each other, and how much to I love the inclusion of thyme in dishes? I love it so much. Emma and I happily nibbled away while sipping tea, and felt highly decadent.

Jess had the goat’s cheese brushetta with avocado, tomato and onion salsa, salad greens and a poached egg. She seemed to enjoy it, although spent a while extracting the salad while muttering “Ergh, too many greens.” This green-aversion seems to be pretty standard when dining with Jess though (anyone remember the Lot 6 pressed sandwich that had too much rocket?).

Kim had the corn fritters with poached eggs, bacon, avocado and salad greens. This looked so pretty!

Andy, Kim’s boyfriend, also joined us and had the baked eggs, which I snaffled a taste of. These were lovely, very tomatoey and peppery. I really want to go back and have a serving of these all to myself!

What About Food’s coffee is apparently VERY strong coffee, according to Andy, but otherwise delicious, so caffeine addicts would be quite well served.

It was good to see that there are acres of vegie options, including a batch of daily salads, although the proliference of eggs means vegans may find the terrain barren of choices.

The space is lovely to sit in, nice and open, and the big communal table we sat at was great for a big-ish group. The staff were exceedingly friendly, and combined with highly excellent food, everyone agreed with the general feeling was that we had found an equal lunching option to Seven Seeds. I can’t wait for uni to start up again so I have an excuse to organise multiple uni lunch dates there!

What About Food

330 Cardigan Street, Carlton

Ph: 9347 5256


Edit 12/8/2011: As reported on Where’s the Beef, What About Food has quietly changed owners, and is now trading as 330 Briks.

5 thoughts on “What About Food

    • I definitely agree with the “too many greens” thing when you actively have to comb through the stuff trying to find the other ingredients!

      I always highly enjoy writing entries when I’ve been out with you. You have the best quotes!

  1. Wow Elizabeth, thanks so much for your review of What About Food. How wonderful that you and your friends enjoyed our Menu and we look forward to seeing you again very soon. Please introduce yourself to me (I am always in the kitchen)…I would love to meet you and have a chat. Sally

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