Red Door Corner Store

It had been a very long time since Phoebe and I had had some brunching adventures. We were lamenting this very fact at a house party a few weeks ago over our glasses of Pimms punch. “I really want to take you to Red Door Corner Store!” said Phoebe, who had recently relocated to the northern suburbs and was full of northerly food recommendations.

“Well, providing we’re not too hungover, why don’t we just go tomorrow morning?” With the prospect of brunch over the horizon, we both managed to keep ourselves relatively nice for the rest of the evening, and languorously reunited the next morning for Saturday brunch.

Red Door Corner Store is located in what appears to be an old suburban milk bar. The fit-out is just cute as a button, with a lot of red detailing and touches like having antique cake tins decorating the walls. The space is also deceptive in terms of size, as apart from the large-ish front room there’s also a dining area out the back with big tables that looked like it would be perfect for families. When it’s full it certainly bustles, but the staff deal with it all admirably, and we never had trouble attracting the attentive staff when we needed them.

Although I was very tempted to try the coconut crumpets, as they had appeared in this article over at Broadsheet in a list of 10 dishes across town to welcome in spring with, I ended up being seduced over to the savoury side of the menu and instead ordered the grilled semolina with spinach, lemon thyme mushrooms, taleggio and Parmesan curls and a fat poached egg.

Oh good goodness, and seduced I was! This will probably, unless I get very, very lucky culinary-wise in the next few months, top my list of the best dishes I’ve had this year. The semolina was perfectly cooked with a pleasing texture that dissolved on the tongue. The mushrooms were plump and delicious, swimming in a gravy of their own juices and olive oil, with a hint of lemony tang. Combined with all that lovely salty cheese and a textbook poached egg, which once popped dribbled decadently over everything, and it’s a sheer wonder of a dish, managing to be both rich to the taste yet light in the tum.

Phoebe had a kind of breakfast tart, whose ingredients I shamefully did not take note of, although I do remember it having a rasher of crispy bacon baked into it, and was served with a side of avocado that had been freshly drizzled with a little bit of olive oil and tasted divine.

I was highly impressed by my time at Red Door Corner Store, and am very keen to get back and sample more of their wares. Perhaps I’ll even get around to those coconut crumpets before spring kicks gear into summer. Only time will tell.

Red Door Corner Store

70 Mitchell Street, Northcote

Ph: 9489 8040

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