Coin Laundry

I had long been trying to arrange for a brunch date between myself, the delightful Miss Brinkman, and the equally delightful Catherine for eons knows how long. It was just the perfect idea, bringing together potentially the best brunching team EVER! Wanting to spread my wings a little bit area-wise, I asked Miss Brinkman to recommend somewhere down her way of town, and when she came back with the suggestion of Coin Laundry, well, I was already feeling like we were in for a treat.

Coin Laundry is possibly the most bustling place in Armadale, so be prepared for the fact that you will probably have to wait for a table. The space is large and clean, with high ceilings and a big open kitchen to peer into, and, as Miss Brinkman was quick to point out, the fellows waiting tables are numerous, attentive, and most of all HANDSOME (there did seem to be an overwhelming number of ladies amongst the clientele, purely coincidentally I am sure).

Despite having a craving for sweet breakfast, there was nothing sweet on the Coin Laundry menu that really caught my fancy. Sure, there were good solid dishes like porridge with stewed apple and rhubarb, banana bread and toast with any sort of condiment you’d like, but no really flashy sweet dish (apart from a French toast that would have necessitated me asking to remove bacon, which I really couldn’t be bothered doing). So I ended up straying onto the savoury side of the menu, and went with the sweet corn fritters with machengo cheese, rocket, avocado puree, tangy dressing and a sprinkling of spices.

Presentation at Coin Laundry is gorgeous. When our dishes were brought out, the three of us couldn’t help making little gasps and exclamations of delight. My three slightly charred fritters sat on a green sea of avocado puree, covered in a mix of rocket and coriander sprigs. Ever so green and pretty!

The fritters were zinging with flavour, which curiously turned out to be their very slight downfall: there was so much going on that by the end of the dish I was quite overwhelmed. It was like every flavour was punctuated with a series of exclamation marks. Corn kernels! Rocket! Avocado!! White dressing on rocket!! Cheese!!! Despite having arrived with an empty stomach, I couldn’t finish the entire plate, which always fills me with guilt (waste not want not!), especially as it wasn’t because I didn’t like the food, it was just a little too much to deal with!

Miss Brinkman went with the Coin Laundry Breakfast, which was an absolute mountain of food: two poached eggs on a very fat slice of sourdough, roasted tomatoes, bacon, baby spinach, beetroot relish and probably a couple of other components that I missed. Miss Brinkman tried valiantly to finish all that was on her plate, but as she sadly had to tell our concerned waiter when he collected our plates, there had simply been too much delicious food to successfully conquer. The food at Coin Laundry is, as Bennett would put it, total man food.

Catherine had a chickpea and (I think) chorizo cassoulet, which came out served in one of those cute brown earthenware bowls alongside two pieces of chargrilled bread ideal for mopping up all the sauce holding it all together. I assume it must have been good, because there was very little left over!

I satisfied my sweet craving by taking home a pear and dark chocolate chip danish. It was very much to my liking, the bitterness of the chocolate contrasting nicely with the slightly caramelised pear (really, pears will always and forever be my favourite fruit, they’re just too delightful). I wonder if they make their pastries on site or order them in? If the former, I should probably give their sweet dishes a go on my next visit.

Coin Laundry is a pleasing affair, leaving the three of us to conclude that we were indeed a brunching team of awesome and further adventures must ensue. The dishes may be a tad big for those with more modest tums, but what you can fit in is delicious and well worth trundling so far south of the river for. Be sure to bring long eyelashes to batter winsomely at the staff.

Coin Laundry

61 Armadale Street, Armadale

Ph: 9500 1888