Gypsey & Musquito

As you may have noticed, I have a very boss group of wonderful friends. I’m so lucky! Not only are they willing for me to drag them all over Melbourne so that I can experience new foodie delights, sometimes for special occasions they organise for me surprise foodie dates. Such a surprise food date occurred on my recent birthday, when Muffin sent me a barrel of exciting messages that comprised of “I am taking you for surprise birthday brunch! You will not know where we are going, it is to be a delicious surprise!”

This sent me into a state of RIOTOUS ANTICIPATION! By the time we were driving along Church Street with Bennett in tow, I was gabbing excitedly. “So are we going to Abbotsford, or Richmond? If we were going further north we would have taken Punt… Oooh, is it on Bridge Road? What’s on Bridge Road again, are we doing cafes or restauranty spots…”

“Stop guessing, we’re not going to tell you!”


It turned out that, yes, I was correct to guess both Richmond and Bridge Road, we ended up at Gypsey & Musquito. What is special about Gypsey & Musquito is that they are a cafe focused on showcasing particularly Australian native ingredients. So you can expect the see things like wattleseed, quandong and lemon myrtle pop up on the menu. Exciting and novel! Although it probably shouldn’t be novel when you think about it, everyone should be using these faboo native ingredients when you think about it.

Now I will have to admit that I was not terrible vigilant in taking note of all the ingredients in dishes, I was too excited to be having such a nice birthday meal and was focused on enjoying myself.

My primary source of enjoyment was my dish of pikelets with caramelised banana and macadamia ice-cream. With actual chunks of macadamias in the ice cream! This was so creamy and decadent, and a little bit rich, as anything with caramelised banana in it has a tendency to be. But birthdays are days to be reckless and to indulge yourself with rich sweets for lunch, it is the proper spirit to be in.

I also had myself a pot of ‘Magic Myrtle’ lemon myrtle tea. This was one of the very few times I haven’t had to ply a tea with milk and sugar, it was so lovely and strongly flavoured that it doesn’t need any beverage crutches. A very enjoyable brew for discerning tea drinkers, I urge you all to give it a try.

Muffin went with the baked eggs, all bush tomatoes and cheesy goodness with yolks peeping out, which even though they were served in a metal pan didn’t have that horribly metallic taste transfer over to the contents, miracle! Seriously, metallic-tasting eggs, this is the very worst thing in the world, it’s why I never order baked eggs, from FEAR. These were very good baked eggs, however, although also a little rich so keep that in mind if you are a small eater.

Bennett, who had mentioned on our drive in that “This place better have bacon”, ordered the potato hash with bacon, poached eggs and microherbs. “What’s the difference between a microherb and a sprout?” asked Bennett. I peered at the little nest of green things perched on top of the hash and bacon mountain. “I think microherb is just a fancy word for sprouts.” Whatever they were, they must of been tasty (or perhaps it was just the bacon), because the entire plate disappeared.

Also, bonus surprise for webcomic fans: if you have to go to the bathroom, make sure you take note of the fabulous graffiti that decorates the outside corridor leading you there that features Tycho and Gabe from Penny Arcade! I was so excited I returned to Muffin and Bennett fair gibbering with excitement (they are used to my gibbering, it is a standard event).

Gypsey & Musquito are serving up some very interesting and impressive food in pleasant, airy surroundings. It seems like the sort of place where you can hole up in a corner with your laptop and while the day away working while sipping on billy tea and nibbling some of the gorgeous cakes, pastries and sandwiches to be found in the ample display cabinets. It was certainly a very pleasant place to spend part of my birthday in, buckets of thanks to Muffin for choosing it, and to Bennett for coming along. May you all have such ace birthday brunches!

Gypsey & Musquito

382 Bridge Road, Richmond

Ph: 9939 9314

5 thoughts on “Gypsey & Musquito

  1. I used to live very close to this cafe and was excited to see that they use so many native ingredients. Then they told me that they couldn’t make anything vegan (even the mushrooms are cooked in butter…) so I moved out of Richmond!

    Anyway, it would be nice if they offered food for people with dietary restrictions, but whatever, I’ll spend $5 and make my own awesome brekkie at home, right?

    (At least their coffee is yummy!)

    • That’s a shame that they wouldn’t veganise anything for you. I get quite crankipants at places that aren’t willing to help those out with dietary requirements, especially since vegans and those with gluten issues are in no way food fringe dwellers anymore. And frankly it just seems like bad business sense, more options mean more potential customers!

      • I agree – especially when the vegans or gluten-intolerant people are locals with potential to become regular customers.

        They just didn’t seem interested in even offering me another option – even if it was just toast. But I guess they’re still new. Hopefully they will improve over time and become more inclusive.

    • It does suck (and honestly I probably would have been a touch less effusive had I realised beforehand), but here’s hoping that they change their stance at some point in the future.

      Thank you for the birthday wishes! The pikelets were probably the best present I received, yum yum!

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