Let us roll back into the mists of time to the Queen’s birthday holiday just gone, and see what Muffin and I were up to on that auspicious day. Aha! We were in line at Hobba, anxiously awaiting the chance to stuff all of the eggs in our faces.

I’d been meaning to check out Hobba for quite a while, especially considering it is right near work. I popped in for a mocha a few days earlier and had been very impressed with the space, a wide, industrial possible former workshop that had been sharply utilised, dotted with blonde wood booths and communal tables down towards the back, one with a tree rising up out of the centre (no kidding).

Being a public holiday and all, Hobba was super bustling when we arrived and we did have to go on a waiting list. Normally this sort of wait would put me in a tetchy impatient mood almost instantly, but the Hobba waiters were very efficient about it, and it also helped that there was a little waiting area off to the side of the bar where people could sit and chat, which was pleasing, who wants to wait outside milling on the pavement in the cold? Nobody, that’s who.

Once ensconced in our booth, the important menu scouring began. Our waiter very kindly gave us the option of ordering from the breakfast menu due to the fact we’d been waiting so long, which was good because eggs was always the plan. Muffin went with the smashed avocado and Yarra Valley feta with a slow poached egg on toasted grain sourdough. She also added a side of house cured ocean trout. It was a very simple dish, but it is deceptively easy to mess up simple, so it was pleasing that Muffin found this dish to be fresh and enjoyable.

I had an omelette that came out looking far more like how we’ve all become accustomed to having baked eggs, cooked in a big metal pan. I was a little bit worried about this presentation initially, because I can’t stand having a metallic taste imparted onto my food, which is a real problem particularly with eggs, but in this case the metallic taste was minimal and I was far too distracted by all the cheese, silverbeet and tomatoes swirling around deliciously in amongst the eggs.

Because it was the Queen’s birthday, we simply had to share a serving on scones, it is the done thing. Two fluffy lemonade scones served with vanilla cream and raspberry Bonne Maman jam (raspberry is always the correct choice for jam, do not accept inferior substitutes. Apricot, I’m looking at you) hit the spot perfectly.

Hobba was really quite impressive, and I’m more than a little bit gleeful that it is so close to work that further visits are now essentially obligatory. Always so nice to have a good spot to have a sip and nibble before preparing for an evening of hard work.


428 Malvern Road, Prahran

Ph: 9510 8336


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