Percy’s Aeroplane

We call it The Green Egg Thing.

On the Percy’s Aeroplane menu it’s more properly designated as the thyme-infused mushrooms with smashed avocado, lime dressing, dukkah and a poached egg, on nice seedy bread. But The Green Egg Thing has achieved near-mythical proportions with Amelia and I. It’s the only dish that I have ever ordered at Percy’s, and it will probably continue being the only thing I eat there for a long while. It is just that damn GOOD.

Percy’s is smack-bang in the middle of Amelia’s hood and we’d been wanting to check it out for ages, but the fact it was only open on weekdays and not after 3pm always put a scupper to our late-lunching plans. However, a few months ago they started trading on Saturdays and that has made all the difference.

Percy’s is a nicely outfitted cafe, and deceptively bigger than it appears from the outside. If you head out from the front room under the auspices of the bright yellow coffee machine, you’ll find some more well-lit rooms to hide in, and a courtyard that perfect for when the sun is out.

But back to what we’re actually all here for, The Green Egg Thing. Holy Hannah, this thing is amazing. It comes out to you as a giant pile of green (hence the name), the bright lime dressing also smothering the dukkah in green, the poached eggs surfacing as little white wobbly islands rising above the avocado sea, making the bread the seabed… okay, my metaphor has officially run away from me, but you get the drift. It’s looks gorgey as well as being super tasty.

The poached eggs have alway been nicely dribbly, the dukkah all nutty-ish goodness that is complimented so well by the tangy lime dressing, good slightly-tart avocado that has had a decent drizzling of lemon… I honestly could go on and on, I’m that damn obsessed with it.

My fellow diners have sampled other Percy’s dishes, such as the Pilot’s Breakfast, which comprises of bacon, chorizo and fried eggs, an agreeably hearty dish which Amelia enjoyed on our first visit. The BLT and steak sandwiches Aimee and Amelia sampled on a subsequent visit both each looked like they’d be pretty damn tasty too. I’ve also had a mocha or two here, the flavours at play are nice and strong, but I’ve noticed that both times the milk froth has a tendency to be a bit bobbly (technical term).

Percy’s Aeroplane is well worth your time should you ever be floating around the Kew area, and I would be so bold to say that The Green Egg Thing alone is worth making a special trip for. Please do come back and tell me if you have similar transcendental experience with it, we could make a club. With badges!

Percy’s Aeroplane

96 Denmark Street, Kew

Ph: 9939 7642

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