Little Deer Tracks

Something happened after I clicked ‘publish post’ on the last review I posted here: I had no more drafts waiting to be finished in my drafts folder. This has happened precisely once before in the entire history of this blog, and as a result I might have panicked slightly, putting a frantic call out on Twitter for suggestions as to where I should eat next.

Much to my delight, Catherine from the fabulous Cates Cates blog stepped up with not just a suggestion but an invitation to join her for brunch at Little Deer Tracks, a vegetarian cafe in Coburg that has long been on my “must try!” list. How lovely!

Tucked away in a backstreet where you definitely wouldn’t expect to find a cafe, Little Deer Tracks was bustling happily away, filled with families and brunching couples. It’s homey, but in a very cute, neat way, with local artists’ art on the walls, nice wooden furniture, and friendly waiters who are very proud of the food that they serve up.

I always flip out a little when faced with an entirely vegetarian menu, in that my natural indecision is ramped up to obscene levels and I spend a lot of time dithering. While I was tempted by the marinated tofu salad written up on the specials board, I ultimately decided that that was not a brunchy enough dish and instead settled on the zucchini, tomato, onion and goats cheese scrambled eggs with basil served with a slice of crunchy sourdough toast.

This was the correct choice to make! The zucchini was tender and slightly charred like it had been cleverly pan-fried before being combined with the other ingredients. The scrambled eggs were ever so creamy and had deeper savoury notes to them that must have been lent to them by the charred zucchini and salty goats cheese. It was a very filling dish and it is a sensible decision to only give one piece of oil-drizzled sourdough toast to go along with it otherwise you may burst.

Catherine had the hueveros ranchos, which was this beautifully sloppy slick of beans and veggies book-ended by two taco shells. Apparently the old chef used to use tortilla strips as the carby sauce-soaker element, but the new chef is all about taco shells. It certainly looked jaunty! Definitely the sort of dish that I would love to try on another visit.

As we were paying I also got a good look at the desserts cabinet, which was filled with the likes of a freshly baked cherry tart, chocolate cheesecake, vegan lemon biscuits, it was a drool-worthy sight to behold. I will definitely be making room for sweets next time (I am clearly very keen on there being a next time!).

Little Deer Tracks was highly impressive. The menu was interesting and varied, and Catherine assures me that the chef mixes it up every few months with the introduction of new dishes, meaning that one’s interest there is unlikely to grow stale. It certainly made me wish that I lived a heck of a lot closer to Coburg, and am very jealous that Catherine gets to have it as one of her locals. Lucky!

Little Deer Tracks

44 O’Hea Street, Coburg

Ph: 9354 3449

Little Deer Tracks on Facebook

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