Kew has all of a sudden in the past year or so become quite a burgeoning brunching spot. I’ve already covered both Percy’s Aeroplane and Lil Boy Blue, and still have my eye on visiting Ora, which was the first establishment to put Kew back on the Melbourne food map. But I had been especially eager to experience Cru, which seemed to be attracting nearly universal praise. So with the regular lunching crew of Kim, Pat and Bennett in tow, I showed up on a Sunday morning prepared to be impressed.

For those who love their cafe design, Cru is ever so pretty. White walls, bench seats, floral arrangements, cosy open kitchen that ends up winding out into an expansive outdoor courtyard. We started off in the courtyard but it was a bit chilly, so the staff were very kind and kept an eye out for an indoor table for us to move to.

I had been hankering for a pot of tea, but had been easily confused by the waiter’s greeting of “Would anyone like a coffee?” (What, it was 11am, I don’t deal well at such an early hour!) I ended up ordering a mocha, then was immediately confused about the fact that I had ordered it. I shouldn’t have been, though, because Cru’s mocha was possibly THE BEST MOCHA IN THE WORLD. Yes yes, you’re thinking this is an attack of standard Hayley hyperbole, but I kid you not, it was LOVELY, all creamy and smooth and with only the barest trace of bitterness underneath the silky bean flavours, and turned out to be exactly what I needed. I would be willing to return to Cru for the coffee alone, and you all should realise what an unusual statement that is for me to make!

Onto more substantial vittles, I ordered the pea and mint fritters with goats cheese, sauteed zucchini, and a cheeky poached egg on top (I am increasing becoming convinced that every dish can be improved with the inclusion of a poached egg). Same for Kim! She felt that there was possibly a touch too much goats cheese, which made the whole dish slightly in danger of being too rich. I can see where she was coming from, although my dish cleared in at being just under too cheesy. The fritters themselves were crispy little balls of awesome (I very much like the ball format of fritters rather than the more standard patty, purely for the higher ratio of crispiness), the zucchini fresh and tasty – the zucchini this season seems to be a very flavoursome crop, I’ve even noticed it in my homegrown examples – and I especially appreciated the dish being served in a very handsome green earthenware bowl, as I could make a delicious mess with the egg very happily.

Bennett had the potato rosti with salmon and a mountain of greenery, which was a terribly attractive-looking brunch plate. Pat had a standard eggs and bacon on bread Sunday brunch double-hitter, and it looked very hearty indeed, perfect for anyone looking for some soothing hangover food.

We were all very well pleased with our time spent at Cru. The food was filling, fresh and fabulous, the space welcoming and comfortable, and I’ve already made plans for further Cru brunches with friends in the near future. Well well, Kew, who would have thought that you were going to be home to the next brunching wave?


916 Glenferrie Road, Kew

Ph: 9818 4366

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