Trippy Taco

Time for the airing of a dark, shameful secret. Despite being a native Melburnian, and being a Melburnian vegetarian for nearly twelve years, I had until recently… wait for it… NEVER BEEN TO TRIPPY TACO.

I’ll wait a moment for all the shocked Melburnian veg*ns to pick themselves up off the floor and have a significant moment to recover on their fainting couches.

I know I know, it’s just that Gertrude Street is SO OUT OF THE WAY of my ordinary ramblings that I’m basically never in the vicinity of it. But, on this particular day I had just finished getting my hair cut on Johnston Street (random plug: Little Buddha Hair! Saya and Mike are aces, let them style your noggin!), I felt in the mood for a walk and just happened to wind up on Gertrude Street and remembered that I was thus in the vicinity of VEGGIE MEXICAN GOODNESS.

It isn’t a terribly big place, and I have heard tell that visiting at prime meal times can become a bit of an access nightmare, but at 3 in the afternoon everything was ducky, had no problems ordering or getting a seat. It’s a pretty expansive menu, too, with all the usual corn tortilla’d suspects – burritos, quesadillas, tacos, taquitos (“Yeah I want some taquitos!”), even tamales.

I wanted to try at least two things, as this was a first visit, so I went with a snack size serving of the tofu asada tacos (so that’s one taco as apposed to the meal size’s two), comprising of house made corn tortillas with cheese, rather spicy grilled tofu cubes, shreds of iceberg lettuce, slices of oh so fresh avocado (avocados are at their absolute best right now, it’s amazing), a varied salsa and a wedge of lime to squeeze over. The tacos are served open, and are far too generous to be folded over and eaten by hand, but frankly attacking them with knife and fork is more satisfying to me than the inevitability of spilling half the contents all over myself. And you would not want to spill these tacos, they are very fine tacos indeed.

Thorough only one taco, the snack size is pretty darn filling, especially if you team it with something else. Having long been aware of the apparently god-like properties of the chilli salt-encrusted Trippy Fries, I simply had to order a basket (yes, HAD TO, it was mandatory). These came out so covered in chilli salt that mere contact with them will turn your fingertips bright orange, but they are tasty and they are spicy and I can well see why they have such a devoted following.

Trippy Taco is all that the years of effusive blog posts promised me that it would be: an efficient purveyor of vegetarian and vegan Mexican food that is generous, well flavoured and immensely satisfying. I’m just kicking myself that it took me so darn long to experience it.

Trippy Taco

234 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy

Ph: 9415 7711

9 thoughts on “Trippy Taco

  1. I’m afraid you two are going to have to hand in your Melbourne veg-blogging licences. Never been to Trippytaco indeed. I remember when TT first opened around the corner and there was some non-veg confusion about their chips. Ah the old days, things were simpler then.

    PS: what do you pay for a haircut at Little Buddha? Or, more to the point, what would I pay?

    • I’m imagining you sadly regarding your corncob pipe while wistfully whispering “The old days…the old days…”

      I pay $70, but that is for wild amounts of lady’s hair, I imagine a cut for a gent would be a bit cheaper (and it’s definitely worth the moolah).

  2. It took me ages to go there after it opened but I have been a vegetarian in melbourne for over 20 years so I consider Trippy Taco a newbie 🙂 Though I do highly recommend the tamales – amazing! And I have a friend who also speaks highly of little buddah

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