Blintz On Tour: Curry Up Now, San Francisco

It was time to say goodbye to Canada and head south to the Land of the Free, and specifically the city of bridges and very VERY steep streets. SAN FRANCISCO!

I was in San Francisco to meet up with a group of very fabulous ladies from the Twitter – hello to Liz, Bear, Jinxie, Mia, MLE and especially Sulagna who flew all the way from New York JUST TO MEET ME, I will never be over this for the rest of my life, honestly – so to be blunt while food is always a priority it was not at all my first priority in this particular case. Thankfully though, Jinxie is a foodie too and knew exactly where to take us for a good introduction to the city’s food scene.

After first conveying for a cheese and a cider at Mission Cheese, we headed down Valencia to have dinner proper at Curry Up Now. Starting out as one food truck that eventually grew into a fleet of trucks and bricks and mortar establishments across northern California, Curry Up Now offers an interesting fusion of Indian food presented in ways that you might ordinarily expect from California’s reigning cuisine, Mexican.

Which brings us to the curry burrito.

For you see, you can have CURRY FILLED BURRITOS at Curry Up Now. And thali platters and deconstructed samosas and aloo parantha quesadillex, but most importantly CURRY FILLED BURRITOS. I went with the ‘Hella Vegan’, because California, which was comprised of tofu, rice, garbanzo beans, onions and, get this: TINY CRISPY VEGIE SAMOSAS. There is not enough capslock in the world to truly express my joy with this creation, which was an absolutely enormous thing all wrapped up in a tortilla and properly dwarfed my hands. The curry tofu mixture was spicy enough to provide quite a bit of warming heat (I certainly was glad I’d also ordered a rosewater mango lassi to complement my meal as it was required quite a few times when the heat built up), while the samosas, which somehow retained a sense of crunch rather than going completely soggy, provided textural excitement and little flavour punches that made this quite the extraordinary meal. I was so disappointed that the gargantuan size of the burrito meant I was full before I could finish it – a meal this good shouldn’t of had any bits left behind!

Curry Up Now was a very good introduction to a food scene which appears to be ever inventive, and not at all satisfied with sticking with the status quo. I mean, TINY SAMOSAS in a BURRITO, for god’s sake. If you can’t get excited about that something vital inside of you has died.

Curry Up Now

659 Valencia Street, San Francisco

Ph: +1 415-504-3631

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