I pay close attention when Steph gets excited about a new restaurant, and she was as excited as all get out when Mukka opened up in her neighbourhood in November. Freshly made dosas are evidently worth getting excited about, especially when the set up is as friendly and delicious as what Mukka are doing down on Brunswick Street.

Unfortunately I’m not going to be expanding beyond the menu items already covered in both Steph’s and Where’s the Beef’s review (how unoriginal and unhelpful of me!). But as Steph gets excited for dosas, I get VERY excited for momos, and discovering that Mukka do a neat plate of six freshly steamed Tibetan momos filled with a spiced cabbage and potato filling, I was frothing to stuff them into my face. They proved to be well worth the enthusiasm, with elasticised skins made of rice flour and excellently favoured fillings, all with a nice little bowl of chilli sauce that was more an edition of savoury warm rather than hot-as-all-get-out, a very enjoyable dish and honestly worth coming for alone if you are as keen on momos as I am.

Given that I came in the company of Steph, and it was her discovery that brought me to Mukka, I totally had to honour her in trying a dosa. We both had The Classic, which is filled with chunks of curried potato mixed with spices, all wrapped in paper thin crispy dosa wrapper, and served with both sambar dal and a coconut chutney that REALLY hits a nutty sweet spot. Delightful!

I’m blown away that not only are these excellent vittles vegan (and there’s a great variety of vegan items on the menu so you don’t have to eat the same thing all the time, although don’t tell Steph that because she’s not letting go of that dosa), but that Mukka is such a friendly, bright, welcoming place in a way that is sometimes lacking in a too-cool-for-school suburb like Fitzroy. Seriously, go there, eat, pay attention – Mukka is something pretty special.


356 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

Ph: 9917 2224