Westville Chelsea, New York

New York, New York, it’s a wonderful town, the Bronx is up and the Battery’s down! And the people eat very, very well.

I was only in New York for a short time, so I had to capitalise on eating as much good food as possible. In among hunting down delicious junk food encompassing diner breakfasts, burgers, and cookies, I was lucky to have some New Yorker friends to point me in the direction of purveyors of excellent foodstuffs. The first memorable example of this was an excellent brunch at Westville Chelsea in the company of equally excellent human Mindy (who despite living in NYC is a frequent reader of this here blog, HI MINDY I LOVE YOU!).

We trooped in just as Westville opened at 10am (I think the staff were a little startled to see us that early and chipper), and after getting big pots of tea looked to the food menu proper.

America is VERY BIG on breakfast omelettes and scrambles that you customise from a list of fillings, which I very much like as who doesn’t love what is essentially a mini build-your-own breakfast? I chose to have scrambled eggs with mushrooms and spinach, served with two Portuguese muffins (they are basically a slightly lighter version of ye olde English muffin) and I also asked for a side of home fries because HOMES FRIES! Seriously Australia when are we going to get on board with fries for breakfast, stop behaving like we are some culinary BACKWATER.

The scramble was bright yellow and beautifully creamy, with seams of glistening baby spinach leaves and big wedges of savoury mushrooms peaking their crowns out of the egg. The Portuguese muffin had a bouncy chew to it, and with four slices provided there was no mouthful of egg that wasn’t supported by a bite of muffin. The home fries were excellently crispy with a pleasing amount of soft, fluffy insides, and did I squirt ketchup all over them? YOU BET I DID.

Mindy had a kale-based salad which came in a giant bowl (all kale salads should come in as big a receptacle as possible because they are always delicious, FACT), which had such an array of ingredients I can’t even remember them all, and was by all accounts filling and full of HEALTH, as all great kale salads should be.

Westville was a delightful spot to catch up with a dear friend and yell about books and food and Twitter and get all high on gossip and tales. Thank you for sharing it with me, Mindy, and may we have the chance to repeat this day sooner rather than later!

Westville Chelsea

246 W18th Street, Chelsea

Ph: 212 924 2223


Other Westville locations can be found in both the West and East Villages, and in Hudson.

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