Yang’s Hot Works Noodle and Dumpling Restaurant

Do you sometimes find yourself craving an el cheapo dumpling experience such as Camy’s or Shanghai Dumpling House, only to exclaim, “But I am stuck in the wastelands of the outer eastern suburbs and cannot be bothered trekking all the way into the city, MY LIFE IS WOE AND DESOLATION.” Never fear, you can still fill yourself with inexpensive dumpling delights in, of all places, Bayswater!

Credit goes to my little sis Megan for letting me in on the discovery that is Yang’s, which is by far and away her favourite place to eat. We’d had a quite hideous day: my car had broken down, we’d had to tow it from Carlton to my mechanic in Heathmont, oh, and then it rained on us. Sensing my growing aura of complete despair (and the fact that she hadn’t had a decent meal all day), she took charge. “Right, we’re going to Baysie for dumplings. MOVE.”

Yang’s is a very similar dining experience to most other cheap-and-cheerful dumpling places you’re probably familiar with (the similarity to Camy’s even goes down to having the exact same bowls and plates). But how do the dumplings stack up against those familiar city purveyors? Well, the vegie dumplings I sampled were pretty damn impressive. They contained a rich variety of ingredients that trumped most vegie dumplings that I’ve had before; lots of different mushrooms (including shiitake, button and maybe even a threading of black fungus), carrot, bright greenery, and it all comes together to pack a fresh, satisfying punch. Nice wrappers too, not too thick or stodgy. I wish I’d had room for a lot more, and the servings are big enough as it is! While I only had eyes for dumplings on this visit, it was also satisfying to notice that there is a nice varied number of vegetarian dishes on the menu that I’m quite keen to go back and sample.

As a sign that we saw in a shop window as we meandered back to the car said, “$5 is cheap even for Bayswater.” While not quite as cheap as $5, you’ll get yourself a nice, filling and delicious meal of dumplings at Yang’s that will keep your pocket light and your tum richly satisfied.

Yang’s Hot Works Noodle and Dumpling Restaurant

735 Mountain Highway, Bayswater

Ph: 9729 6688