Vanilla Orchid

As you have probably noticed from this blog, I gallivant all across Melbourne to sample foodie goodness but very rarely seem to discover exciting vittles around my own backyard of the outer eastern suburbs. That’s why it’s such a delight to be able to report of a good place out this way, if only because personally it’s such a relief to only have to drive five minutes for good food instead of the usual thirty.

The Blintz household all toddled off for a mid-week dinner at Vanilla Orchid, a Thai restaurant situated on Warrandyte’s main street, facing the Yarra River. It’s a spacious room decked out in a tasteful selection of the standard Thai restaurant paraphernalia, as well as having the brightest, poke-your-eye-out shade of yellow tablecloths, that made me fair swoon with delight at their kitschy-ness.

I started with the vegetarian tom yum soup. Cauliflower, carrot, tomato, tofu, green beans, snow peas all floated together in a bright red, chilli-flecked broth. The vegetables were all nice and crisp, but for a chilli weenie like myself it was very, VERY warm! I got my dad to try it (he is much hardened to chilli, he puts it on everything) in order to get the opinion of the serious chilli connoisseur; he said it was “pleasantly warm” but that it would quite clearly kick on once you’d eaten enough of it. I ate as much as I could, because it tasted amazing, but had to sadly stop in fear that I would end up needing a fire engine delivered to my face.

For my main I had the flat rice noodles in a sweet soy sauce with tofu, beansprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, egg, green beans, and carrot. Very nice but also very filling! The dishes here are definitely best shared, I really struggled trying to finish this one on my own.

The vegetarian fried rice that was ordered for the whole table to share was refreshingly delish – full of vegies and tofu, the meat eaters that comprised the rest of the table didn’t find it lacking in the slightest.

I also stole some roti bread that sibling Megan had ordered to have with her satay sticks – dear LORD, was it amazing or what! Crisp and just slightly buttery, I will make any excuse to order it on my next visit.

Meat eaters, a tip: apparently the beef puffs are to die for. Seriously, the rest of my family raved about them for days.

Best of all, it’s a place that just abounds in friendliness. The staff are all smiles and highly welcoming, and exude an air of “We want you to be here and have a good time!” And you do end up having a good time, they wouldn’t allow it otherwise! So, good food, good experience, and I can finish up a meal and then be happily cosy back at home within five minutes. Nothing could be finer.

Vanilla Orchid

5-6/188 Yarra Street


Ph: 9844 5778